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Build your career in a Human-Centric company

We have been awarded Best Workplace in Europe, Best Quality of Life and #2 Best Workplace in Portugal.
CompanyAwardWorkplace2022.png BestWorkPlaceQualidadeV2.png BestWorkPlaceEntreV2.png
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Build your career at Imaginary Cloud. Apply now.
Glassdoor rating 4.8

We put our people first, always. You can expect a respectful and caring culture, where you can grow and learn in a flexible work environment.

What we do

Our vision is to become the leading company and employer, building a simpler world so that people can focus on what matters most. We do things by being laser-focused on our mission of creating seamless technology.
Meet the Imaginary Cloud's team. Meet the Imaginary Cloud's team.

How we do it

We believe technology should improve and simplify people's lives. We live by our values , they guide our efforts and define our culture.
Imaginary Cloud core values : respect and care

Respect and Care

We deeply respect people's individuality and their beliefs. We grant autonomy and accountability to those who genuinely care about our overall success.
Imaginary Cloud's values: learning is never over

Learning is never over

The Tech Industry is rapidly and constantly changing; that’s why we are always seeking ways to improve our skills and grow our knowledge.
Imaginary Cloud's values: mindful creativity

Mindful creativity

We believe that in-depth industry knowledge allows us to identify what is missing and push innovation further by adding extra valuable insights.
Imaginary Cloud's values: excellence through collaboration and empowerment

Excellence through collaboration and empowerment

We believe that combining individual skills to work as a team brings greater results. Full potential is leveraged through empowerment and collaboration.

"We want to champion a Human-Centric World"

Join one of the best workplaces in Europe and portugal

We put great effort in building a truly human-centric culture. At Imaginary Cloud you will be able to grow and develop your skills in a caring and respectful environment.
Our obsession in creating a great workplace has been awarded by the world’s leading agency - Great Place to Work® - with Best Workplace in Europe, Best Quality of Life and #2 Best Workplace in Portugal.

Get aboard and start your career at Imaginary Cloud

We're growing fast and constantly on the lookout for the best people to join our team. Check the available job opportunities!

What to expect as an Imaginaree

Our culture echoes through the way our people interact, work and play together. If you would to ask an insider what it means to work at Imaginary Cloud, he would let you know that we:
We lean on each other to excel as mindful creators
We work at the best of our game
We grow and achieve our dreams
We build a simpler world together
Our Imaginarees testimonials.
"Imaginary Cloud has been part of my life for a long time, and I'm proud of what we have achieved together. Its great environment and this amazing team have been the perfect conditions to grow as a developer and person."
André Santos, Senior Developer
Our Imaginarees testimonials.
"Imaginary Cloud has given me the freedom and confidence to develop my work throughout my time here. With all the projects I have been involved in, I have undoubtedly grown as a designer and as a person. Here my opinions matter and I can have an impact on my day-to-day work with both the team and the clients."
Sofia Gomes, Product Designer
Our Imaginarees testimonials.
" As my first job, Imaginary Cloud allowed me to learn more while developing new tech skills. With a supportive team and a great work environment, I grew as a web developer and can now help bring unique products to life! "
Patrícia Silva, Software Developer
Our Imaginarees testimonials.
"It has been a wonderful experience! Joining the team allowed me to develop my skills further and learn new ones. Being surrounded by incredible professionals always ready to help me move forward is what makes Imaginary Cloud a great workplace! "
Filipe Jesus, Software Developer

You will have lots of perks

Happy people and a healthy work-life balance are what really matters to us. We want you to feel valued, appreciated, and fulfilled both inside and outside of the workplace.
Imaginary Cloud benefits: international projects.

Remote First

You have the flexibility to work from home or the office, whichever is most convenient to you.
Imaginary Cloud benefits: international projects.

International Projects

Wrap your head around challenging projects for innovative and worldwide client companies.
Imaginary Cloud benefits: Flexible Working Hours.

Flexible Working Hours

You have the flexibility to adjust the work schedule to your daily routine.
Imaginary Cloud benefits: Fair Compensation.

Fair Compensation

Our salary policy is competitive and rewards you according to your experience and performance.
Imaginary Cloud benefits: Informal Environment.

Informal Environment

Creativity and productivity have a better flow when we work in a relaxed and inclusive setting.
Imaginary Cloud benefits: Health Insurance.

Health & Dental Insurance

We believe you should listen to your body and deserve the best conditions in those difficult moments in life.
Imaginary Cloud benefits: Paid Sick Days

Paid Sick Days

Being sick is bad on its own. But we’re here to make it a bit better. The first three sick days every year are on us.
Imaginary Cloud benefits: Team Events

Team Events

When we play together, we grow together. We love to share our knowledge and celebrate our achievements collectively.
Imaginary Cloud benefits: Career Plan

Career Plan

We offer a permanent contract, direct mentoring with monthly one-on-ones, and performance appraisals for continuous feedback.
Imaginary Cloud benefits: Comfort Budget.

Comfort Budget

We make our Imaginarees’ life easier by granting an annual budget to acquire goods/services that may enhance their performance.
Imaginary Cloud benefits: international projects.

We’re not outsourcing!

As an Imaginaree you will always be part of Imaginary Cloud.

Let’s build great digital products together!

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